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By Diamead

Having covered my peach and nectarine Etc trees with fleece bags do I have to take off before the blossoms come Yours EJ



Diamead where are you on the planet?

14 Nov, 2014


How do you mean

14 Nov, 2014


Are you in the UK, US, Spain, Australia? Obviously the fleece will need to come off before the trees flower but timing will depend on where you are.

15 Nov, 2014


I live in Ipswich Suffolk Eng I only ask because most of the frosts seem to happen after the blossom sets and I can't keep running in and out to cover them up.

15 Nov, 2014


Remove the fleece for the time being - it gets wet and will hold water against your trees, which isn't healthy. Blossom set is early in the year, usually March, and that's when you need to protect with fleece or something similar, but you will have to 'run in and out' because it has to be removed during the day to allow any pollinating insects about to do their job, or you won't get fruit anyway.

If you're worried about general protection from cold, and that's another reason you've fleeced, you can't just fleece them and leave them for months - it must be removed when the weather is mild and replaced, dry, when it gets cold again.

15 Nov, 2014


Thank you very much. D

15 Nov, 2014

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