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Hello I have an Elephant ears plant, might be Alocasia Odora. It comes in, in the winter and usually grows well. It has one yellow leaf, the other 2 are fine. Well drained, watered, good environment so any ideas re the yellowing would be welcomed.

Arum_yellow Alocasia_odora_2



Perhaps it is just an old leaf. the removal of the chlorophyll, green pigment is common. You could give it a 'dose of Epsom salts' as that contains magnesium which is essential for chlorophyll production.

17 Nov, 2014


I agree,it's probably an old leaf,so I would just take it off,and see how the rest of the plant progresses..

17 Nov, 2014


Thanks for your comments I will give chlorophyll a go.

17 Nov, 2014

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