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I ordered a climbing rose from Parkers which arrived yesterday (Monday). I get home from work about 5.30 by which time it's dark. The rose is to be planted in a relatives garden (part of a wedding present) and I will not be able to do this until the weekend. The roots are in a plastic bag - what can I do with the rose to keep it healthy until Saturday?



Take it out of the plastic bag and heel it in somewhere until you can plant properly, use a torch to see what you are doing if necessary.

18 Nov, 2014


Thanks - think I will perhaps take a half day off work, if not will try above.

18 Nov, 2014


Presuming that it is a bare root specimen I would just plunge it into a bucket of water for a couple of hours and then keep it in a cool dry(ish) place - it shouldn't be active at the moment and will survive the few days until you plant it. The risk of heeling it in is that you could damage the roots in the double-handling involved.

18 Nov, 2014


In the past I've soaked them for a couple of hours then wrapped it in an old towel and kept it damp until I could plant them.

18 Nov, 2014


Roses are not dormant yet because it's been very mild. That's not good for bare root roses being dug up prematurely

Undo the packaging asap, and dig a hole big enough to take all the roots and cover them completely with damp soil. When you remove the rose I'd inspect it. Make sure you have a decent looking root system and at least 3 sturdy stems. if not ring up Parkers for a replacement. They are not the greatest people to buy roses from as has been my past experience.

18 Nov, 2014

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