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Hello all! I recently bought a small bromeliad for my office, and got one with several pups. However, I just read that they give out pups after they bloom. That would be a shame and I would probably take it back. So, can bromeliads give out pups before blooming, or could all three of mine be off a bigger plant? Thanks so much!!




Bromeliads flower just once, then have pups which can take a couple of years to flower. Pups do better together, and the main plant may sit there surviving, but won't flower. People buy them like poinsettias - tossed as soon as they fade; but I think the flowers are bigger and better if you stick with them, and there is some excitement when you finally see the flower stalk start to come up.

20 Nov, 2014


Yours would have to be pups from a bigger plant (unless grown from seed). Thats how the plants are propagated.
If you are worrying that yours has flowered already you can forget it - these are young rooted offshoots.

If and when yours does flower you can remove one or two of the pups yourself and start over with a new plant if you want to. I can't see any justification for taking it back - it looks like a good healthy speciment to me.

20 Nov, 2014


Thanks all!

21 Nov, 2014

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