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my newly planted wisteria leaves have started to dry out at tips and are looking pale.



When it was planted did you water the planting hole well? and is it well mulched to keep the moisture in. If it is planted near to a wall it may struggle to get water so water - but give it plenty (couple of gallons) every two weeks or so - not a bit each day! Also check it is getting enough light to it. Maybe cut back other plants to give it some good light. Also it may have been pot bound - if the roots were wound round and round in the pot before you planted it - it can sometimes take plants a while to send their roots out to get food and drink. Roots can be teased apart if this is the case - when planting. Also a liquid feed applied twice a month can help the roots get started. (apply near to crown of plant) hope some of this helps.

29 Jun, 2010

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