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the 8 pelargonium cuttings (bar one) seem to have taken and are showing signs of growth, do i leave them in the tiny pots or re pot ,thanks for any answers .one of my varigated leaf geranium cuttings has grown four buds do i leave it to flower and then take the flowers off or take the buds off now



if they have grown strong enough roots repot them.

21 Nov, 2014


Check one. Better to be a little bit congested than too much compost at this time of year because of the danger of waterlogging so only repot if the roots are really strong, and don't overopot, ie don't try to save future time by using a larger pot than they need. They can look as though they are growing before they have much of a root.

Another time you might find it easier to use a wide half pot and put several cuttings round the sides, which simplifies care.

21 Nov, 2014


thank for your replies i must say i was tempted to re pot into a bigger pot ,but its logical now as you have said to avoid waterlogging doing this,also do i cut off every growth but the new,it seems a shame as the old growth looks so healthy

21 Nov, 2014


When you first plant a cutting its a good idea to remove the lower leaves to avoid water loss but if your plants look healthy they sound to be OK as they are. If it ain't broke don't fix it!. Once they have a good root system just keep them on the dry side rather than over watering - they will start to lose a few leaves if they get too dry but no harm done if they do, they will soon pick up again. If the roots actually start to appear through the drainage hole then its certainly time to move them to a bigger pot. A lot depends on the temperature too - the cooler it is the drier they need to be.

22 Nov, 2014


thanks steragram for your good advice

23 Nov, 2014

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