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By Danimar

Fife, Scotland Sco

I have a little oxalis in my garden, and someone stood on it. I would love to get another one but I don't know the proper name. I've looked through photos of oxalis but they aren't quite right. My little plant had shamrock style leaves and was a lovely pink shade, and wasn't invasive.
Can someone help



It is probable that your Oxalis was a bulbous type and so will come back again next year. Try looking at images of these two commonly grown Oxalis bulbs: O. adenophylla with silvery leaves and O. hirta and cultivars.
Actually adenophylla does't have shamrock type leaves but is easy to get and very attractive.

22 Nov, 2014


If that fails try googling oxalis images. click on one or two of the likliest matches and then when you get a single picture click on it again for details of name etc. Hope you can identify it.

22 Nov, 2014

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