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Sedums. My sedum leaves have all gone yellow. The plants look healthy for the rest but wondered why this has happened? Can't remember if ever doing it before.



Perfectly normal....they are dying back for the winter - only to be replaced with fresh foliage next spring. I remove mine now but some, I know, keep them on for the winter removing them early spring. The choice is your's. Beautiful plants.

23 Nov, 2014


Phew! That's a relief! Thank you for that. I tend to leave them over winter as I like their shape and the garden is looking a bit bare at the mo.

23 Nov, 2014


I take the yellowing leaves off too,as if you look closely,tiny snails like to shelter on and under them.not for long,when I get to work :o).I leave the flower heads on through winter,as I love the colour..I have next years growth appearing already..

23 Nov, 2014

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