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By Piplyn

South Glamorgan, United Kingdom Gb

to all you gardeners,i have done a small decking to hide a lot of rubble,i just bought this stone ornament which im surprised my decking is still you can see i got a lot of space i am looking for ideas to what i can put on here to make it a feature i look forward to your ideas ,lia.




Maybe put a climbing rose along the fence or clematis,honeysuckle etc.that would be a start. Perhaps some geraniums in pots, would be instant colour? or herbs in pots the possibilities are endless !!

30 Jun, 2010


Japanese Maple in a pot. So many varieties to chose from.

30 Jun, 2010


or an acer in a pot.
But i agree withGrandmage any of the suggestion s will do

30 Jun, 2010


An acer would look nice in a nice pot I agree Hijuju, and could tower over the lion !

30 Jun, 2010


i would actualy get a big selection of pots of all different colours and sizes as long as you dont want to sit there as i think that would be lovley and you can move the pots to restain your could also build a basic pagoda maybe chinese style and like grandmage sais get a nice climber or two in a couple of the pots and a couple of acers etc . the world is your oyster . it would be a platform of colour .mite be nice drilling big holes through the uprights of the pagoda and feeding thick rope through the holes but not nylon and let it hang between each post . you could do this a few times and let the climbers go up the rope ladder if you like.ill stop before you need another morgadge lol but you get the idea and i hope ive inspired or helped you some how lol . take care good luck and bye for now .

30 Jun, 2010


actualy im not being funny but is the deck level because if it isnt you can only realy do the pot part and not the pagoda,rope idea etc .

30 Jun, 2010


thankyou to all of your ideas i have spent the last few hours sitting burning my garden rubbish ,and drinking wine ,thinking of all the possibilities i can do .thankyou.

30 Jun, 2010


your welcome

1 Jul, 2010

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