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By Marley

County Tyrone, United Kingdom Gb

this is the second year for my alpine strawberries and they look so juicy on the outside and are white on the inside whats wrong



There's nothing wrong with them, that's how they are inside. Have a look at the last two photos I have uploaded - woodland/alpine strawberries on the plant and on the plate. Have just taste-tested them and they are deliciously ready to eat. I have them every morning on my cornflakes :-)

30 Jun, 2010


Not sure, never grown them, but I do know that alpine strawberries come in both red and white, so as long as yours are tasty, I wouldn't worry about it.

30 Jun, 2010


As has already been said there is nothing wrong... tiny little explosions of sweetness. Beat the heck out of any cultivated strawberry any day of the week!

30 Jun, 2010

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