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I have just pruned my roses and have read somewhere that as a cure and preventative from black spot etc, it is ideal to spray the roses and surrounding ground with a weak solution of Jeyes fluid.
Is this a fact, if so what is a weak solution, I do not want to make it so weak that it is ineffective,on the other hand I do not want to make it too strong so that it damages the roses.
Having just pruned the roses is it the right time to apply this wash ?
Many thanks

AL Tingey



It would kill the spores but the real problem is the condition of the plant in the first place - making sure that it is properly fed, watered and ventilated to give a strong plant that can withstand disease.
Far better to use a branded rose treatment product and keep the Jeyes for cleaning (does an excellent job of clearing algae from pots and paving)

25 Nov, 2014


I would recommend you give these people a ring

They are very helpful. Ask them for a leaflet explaining everything it does.

In fact, I would recommend everyone gives them a ring and gets hold of this stuff.

27 Nov, 2014

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