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The black fly has finally left my cherry tree and the tree is now looking a little sorry for itself. Is this all damage from the black fly or do i have a bigger problem and if so what is it?

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This does seem like black fly damage. The best thing to do is to prune away the infested bits as soon as you notice them. Have you also noticed ants on the tree? Apparently ants have a symbiotic relationship with fly larvae so if you prevent the ants, you can stop the fly damage. There are sticky bands that you can buy to tie around the tree trunk. The ants cannot cross it and the glue stays even after hevay rain.
Hope this helps

30 Jun, 2010


Hi Nbhatt, thanks for the advice. If i prune the tree now will that not kill the tree? I do have ants on the tree so i will buy the sticky bands.

30 Jun, 2010


Hi, I just prune the infested tips, not the old wood - the tips do grow back, nice and healthy....

8 Jul, 2010

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