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By Jensen

Oxfordshire, United Kingdom Gb

Do you need to remove leaves from the lawn? On part of our lawn you can see more leaves than grass. I know that you can mulch leaves and leave them on the lawn, but my mower does not have one.



Yes, remove them, preferably with a rake or a garden vac/blower. I just blow all mine onto the shrubberies and plant beds and let nature do the rest.

28 Nov, 2014


you don't have to be too picky just depends if you like bowling or nature the most .

28 Nov, 2014


Nosypotter, if leaves fall on an ornamental a garden lawn, they will kill the grass if left on there due to lack of light. It doesn't have to be a bowling green. People have gardens so they can look nice, and if you get the lawn right, you're 90% to getting the rest looking good.

It's really that simple. Please, by all means leave the leaves on the lawn and you'll find out what happens

28 Nov, 2014


so if a leaf drops on a lawn it will kill it hmmmmm . strange how our mowed common land has survived for 50 years with said leaves and grass cuttings . we must have different grass down here . you have to have a good lawn for the rest to grow well . strange that I have know lawn yet my plants seam very happy . please explain . especially as in a grasses life cycle it gets very dry, its food for many animals and burns but a few leaves will kill it do tell .

28 Nov, 2014


just do what snoop dog sais but don't worry if the odd leaf sits there as it wont hurt . ie don't be too fussy unless you want a bowling green or a very prim and proper just so lawn .

28 Nov, 2014


Thanks for your replies. Our lawn is not very well kept, but we do not really mind, we do not scarify it. There is some moss, and a lot of a weed which has similar petals to clover. I do not think that these are caused by unraked leaves though.

I have removed most of the leaves with a lawn mower, and now I am using my Flymo Garden Vac for the rest. Some are embedded in the grass though, as I did not start this soon enough.
I suppose the answer depends on how good you want your lawn to look.

8 Dec, 2014



9 Dec, 2014

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