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Will Clematis grow ok in soil level of PH 8
Moving from levels of 6.5 - 7 would love some advise from anyone with ph8 what cant you grow
My favourites are Delphiniums Lupins foxgloves campanulas



All those plants you mention will be OK in alkaline conditions. My soil pH is high and the only things I can't grow in the ground are acid lovers such as rhododendrons. In the wild, the best flora is on limestone or chalk, so you are lucky!

28 Nov, 2014


yes because 7 in the ph scale is nueatral and thats where most plants grow.

29 Nov, 2014


Perhaps Colleen is more concerned about moving the plant from PH neutral to Alkaline.? Is that what you mean Colleen? clems generally do prefer a slightly alkaline soil, so I've read. But I've never had anything but slightly acidic, so I'm not sure about moving plants from one to the other. Interested to see what other replies you get. :)

29 Nov, 2014


Yes Cottagekarer i do mean moving plants from neutral to
Alkaline thank you land girl 100 sounds ok to move them there without
Too much trouble. Thanks to you all for comments I will send samples off to RHS to test once I move .
But didn't want to worry about it for next few weeks, I will be starting from scratch ,there only grass and one Camellia there at the moment back garden facing east ,side south ,and front west should be fun ,maybe I can Grow foxtail lilies .

29 Nov, 2014


Lovely! Enjoy!

29 Nov, 2014


if you mix some of the old soil in the to the planting hole it will 'buffer' the pH transition. so when you lift your plant take plenty of soil with the root ball. I have a soil pH of 8.2 and apart from the true acid lovers I don't have many plant failures.

29 Nov, 2014


Hi, if there's a Cammelia there, the soil can't be alkaine, they won't grow in it, they need an acid soil, so it can't have a ph of 8, Derek.

29 Nov, 2014


Yes Derekm I wondered about the camellia googled it there is one type ok at about 7 maybe different parts of garden different ph. This garden is 6.5 and 7 my neighbour has a Camellia is ok in there. The one in the new garden was full of fat buds last Wednesday thanks Seaburngirl the buffer thing sounds sensible
I think I will have to go back an take samples get it tested before I dig up the large Clematis Which I have done before to move around the garden W E Gladstone very large flowered clem huge root ball had to put on a tarp an drag it to new bed With much huffing and puffing did fine

30 Nov, 2014


Hi Colleen, the autumn flowering Camellia sasanquas will tolerate a ph neutral soil, but not alkaline, but tolerating, isn't the same as liking it, so I would think that the soil can't be more than neutral, and if the Camellia is doing well, then I would presume the soil is acid, or at the very least, the acidic side of neutral, Derek.

1 Dec, 2014


I have a camellia in my garden and it was a birth gift when my eldest was born. it is in the ground and it is the only plant that I pander to, giving it sequestrin and a suitable feed twice a year. and again if it starts to look a bit chloritic.
perhaps that's what the neighbour does.

2 Dec, 2014


Thank you all for your comments I'm sorry to say move has fallen through all that worry about moving my clems for nothing never mind I'm looking forward to spring and will be putting in new salvia's Thanks again all of you for your comments

22 Dec, 2014

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