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By Gsmith

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I am new to Rochester, New York (Upstate New York). I have a "Malva Zebrina" Mallow. Do I wait until the Spring to cut it back? I am concerned about the long branches and the wind in the winter. I just planted it this year, it did very well, but I just transplanted it to a better site.



Are you asking about a Lavatera? If so, yes, half-prune it now and then cut back hard to buds in spring. I lost one through wind rock!

29 Nov, 2014


yes prune now as most plants at this time lie dormant

29 Nov, 2014


Hope it re-estabishes for you. They seem to be pretty short lived sometimes. Agree, wait until spring for the main prune.

29 Nov, 2014


Malva zebrina is a perennial which does not like soggy wet soil in winter, but I expect you know that - you can prune it to the ground now if you want, or just take it down as low as you like so you can tell where it is next year.

2 Dec, 2014

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