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Sick Acacia - leaves falling off

Isle of Wight, United Kingdom Gb

Hi, I have recently bought 3 Acacia Baileyana Purpurea, this is a second attemp at growing these. I have kept these in pots at present as I would like them to mature a little before their final destination. I have them in a porch which is frost free and warmish. Unfortunately the leaves have started to fall off and the plants are looking a bit sick. The soil is damp but not soaking wet and they are not pot bound. I love these little trees and I am usually pretty good at growing stuff but these have completely stumped me. I live in the UK.

On plant Acacia Baileyana Purpurea




Not many clues in my RHS book, 'conditions needed are full light, red spider mites may be a problem'. Otherwise, sorry, don't know.

15 Nov, 2007


Thanks for the feedback. I am planning to plant them out next year in a sunny spot, hope they survive until then............A couple of the plants have new shoots coming through, but the leaves are dropping off which shouldn't happen, I'll keeep my fingers crossed

16 Nov, 2007


The RHS Boook also says "water sparingly in winter". You could try with-holding water from one of them and see if it perks up a bit

16 Nov, 2007


Most trees or shrubs drop their leaves when brought inside, I would put them in a sheltered place outside in full light but try not to let the soil be too wet, especially when frosty.

2 Dec, 2007


Welcome to Grows on You. Thanks for that advice, i'll wrap the pots with fleece and put them in a sheltered spot outside

3 Dec, 2007


Hi - just looking up this plant to see what I could feed my similarly sad-looking one (temporarily in a pot, so I can take it with me when we move late summer). I see it's an old post - I'm sure they're better for being outside now? Did you know they like to be in ericaceous compost? Mine looks sad at the moment because I dug it up & shoved it in a small pot (thinking our move was imminent), but managed to put it in a bigger pot 2 weeks ago with fresh ericaceous compost 2 weeks ago....first signs of new growth came a few days ago.

19 May, 2008

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