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Hi all, I have a eleagnus that I've recently Purchased. Would it be ok to grow it in a large pot? Have searched online but can not find any info on growing in pots. Many thanks Jessica



There are different varieties but the only ones I know about grow to be several metres tall at least. (Do you know which one it is?) So you could start it off in a pot but not keep it there for ever unless you bonsai it!

Ebbingii at least grows very quickly.

30 Nov, 2014


Hi Steragram, Ebbingei is the one I have bought!

30 Nov, 2014


It'll be fine in a large pot/tub. You must keep it watered and fed during the growing season.

You won't get the large growth in a tub but it should look nice if looked after

30 Nov, 2014


Won't it get pot bound Badfish? I keep ours at about 2 metres but it wants to go much higher.

30 Nov, 2014


Hi, I agree with Steragram, Elaeagnus x ebbingei cultivars vary in height and spread, the smaller ones being 10ft x 10 ft, up to 15ft x 15ft, so are quite large shrubs, and in my opinion totally unsuitable for growing in containers, Derek.

30 Nov, 2014

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