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hello and happy gardening to everyone . i was just wondering could anyone remeber that tescos cat litter that can be used instead of soil in pots as i am very interested in trying it for that and as its light as replacement for sand with cement so i can make some of my sculptures lighter perhaps as the very qualities that make it good for plants could make it good for cement mixes.

here is a recent film from utube of my garden at the moment and my lovley sharpei puppies . a strange thing happend the other day . i found a poar old black bird drowned in my pond which is a first for me in about 40 years . the birds often wash and drink out of my waterfall as its shallow and fresh and clean .




I love your faces Nosey but .....maybe the blackbird had a fright? The face in the middle looks really sinister.......I seem to remember a ghost train when I was a on my Avatar.

2 Jul, 2010


Dont know the answer NP, but would it be frost proof?

2 Jul, 2010


good thinking drc it mite be worth making something that doesnt matter and put it in my freezer and see as that is a very good point .
maybe he did have a fright dorjac he mite of spotted me lol . its sad he got stuck thow and i wasnt there to save him . what can ya do if you look close the faces in the middle with running water are my slant on the see know evil,speak know evil etc . if you look close the water comes out the closest ones eyes , the middle ones nose and the last ones mouth.

2 Jul, 2010

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