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sorry, its not comellia but camellia-a type of rose.



Hmm, even more confusing - do you have the horticultural name for the plant you mean? Sometimes, Camellia is referred to colloquially as Camellia Rose or Rose Camellia, usually in America, or even Japanese or Chinese Rose, but the fact is, they're not even vaguely related. Camellias belong to Theaceae, and Roses to Rosaceae. Since its not usually difficult to get a rose to flower, I'll assume you're talking about Camellia of some variety.

The conditions Camellia likes are, moisture retentive, yet free draining, lime free soil - flower initiation begins around mid summer in the previous year, and its important that it does not go short of water during this time, nor when flower buds are present. Mulching annually with acidic organic materials helps to keep moisture levels up. They should not be planted where they catch early morning sun in winter in colder regions - frost on buds which are then hit by the sun wither and drop off. In warmer regions, Camellia will do better with shadier conditions, particularly shade during the heat of the day, though they do need plenty of light in order to flower well.

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3 Dec, 2014

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