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Out of 4 cucumber plants, all looking healthy, and 4ft high only have ONE flower on 1 bush. Watered and fed frequently, leaves look green and in good condition? Grown in large pots rather than growbags so than any plant is deseased it can be removed from the greenhouse.



try holding back on the feed for a bit, sounds like its all growth and no fruit, dont want to gloat but i have one small f1 cucumber plant which now is in a 2ltr pot at present and has 8 small cucumbers on at the moment.8-)

2 Jul, 2010


I have been growing mine outside in pots and they are about 2ft high and they is at least 12 cucumbers on 5 plants I agree with Steve about feeding them

2 Jul, 2010


Thanks for the advice. Too late for this year but
I follow the info next.

2 Jul, 2010

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