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Hello again
I am quite new to the gardening world and started planting out my back border last year. I was quite happy with it although i have had to make alterations and still will on certain plants i have chosen. Now this year lots of different things are happening which i dont like and thought i would ask you many knowledgeable people who have done this for years or have come across these many issues before, will be able to point me in the right direction. I have taken a few photos of my problems and hope you can help. My hecura i think ive spelt that wrong, the purpleish plant has started to get this pale color on the edges. Its not on the other plants. The other photo of my wisteria, is its a poor little thing and the leaves and flowers just dont seem to be getting any bigger or flourishing where it is. The next picture is of my dianthus. It has lots of buds but these are all turning brown and mulshy before they have had a chance to flower!!
Any help would be most appreciated.

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The heucheras leaves look a bit sunscorched or possibly windburnt.
The sunscorch is often caused by watering the plants in the morning and then the days sun scorches the wet leaves - always water your garden/plants when the garden/plant is in the shade for the rest of the day.
If wind's the cause you'll need to place it in a sheltered spot - they prefer semi shade.
The dianthus could be a water problem, they like very free draining soil, the poorer the better, same applies about watering.
I can't help on the wisteria i'm afraid, others will though :-)

2 Jul, 2010


Newseed what are your soil conditions like?

2 Jul, 2010


Thanks Louise1, your help was very much appreciated.
Moon grower, I know this might sound mad, as i have already planted up my plants, but im really not sure what type you would call my soil!!! I know its not sandy or too much clay, i spose its classed as free draining!!?

3 Jul, 2010


I think I'd try lifting the dianthus and planting in a more gritty soil mix. As Louise says they like a very lean (poor) soil.

3 Jul, 2010


Thankyou Moon grower i will try that.

3 Jul, 2010

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