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to plant or not to plant rose bushes in winter?

essex, England Eng

hi guys, just a quick one (for a change) i have recently ordered some bare root rose bushes from ebay and David Austin - just my luck they have been delayed and have not been delivered yet. the problem is we have now had two quite heavy frosts and they still arnt here - will i be safe to plant them straight out?, my cold frame is completely packed solid. the areas where they are to be planted are all areas which do defrost during the day in the sun (if we have any!) not had much experience with growing roses (only arranging cut ones on vallentines day!) any advice offered on this would be most apprciated.

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You can (if you really must plant roses, disgusting things) plant bare root shrubs in general at any time as long as the soil is not frozen. They will be dormant when they arrive and as long as you do not bury ice or snow with them they should be ok.

16 Nov, 2007


If you are going to get a lot of frosty nights, try covering the soil where you want to plant with fleece (or even black plastic) to keep the frost out until the roses are planted. Also make sure there is no frost heave this winter, ie the plants lifting because frost is getting into the soil. If this happens, just gently tread the soil back down again

16 Nov, 2007


thanks guys, i take it your not too keen on roses then Owdboggy! to be honest they were never one of my favorites i have been gardening ever since i can remeber, and i work with them all the time, but this is the first time i have tried to grow them, hense the lack of knowledge - just recently i seem to have got into them a bit, thanks for the advice, i have noticed that one of the spots that i had intended on planting has stayed frozen all day today will have to keep an eye on that and see what happens tomorrow, maybe try and clear some space in the green house to store the one i had planned to put there. and Andrew what can i say, as ever excellent advice - is there any gardening question i could ask that you would not know the answer too? brilliant! i will put some black plastic over the spots where they are to be planted in the morning - as they are still not here yet and see if i can keep it out that way. many thanks!

16 Nov, 2007


I have rose cuttings which are shooting and it's now 2nd Oct. they are only 2 weeks in, what do I do to protect them over winter?

2 Oct, 2009

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