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Recently i bought a recently bought 4 syringa miss elly for £1 each

Essex, United Kingdom Gb

Recently i bought a 4 syringa miss elly for £1 each,,they had no imformation with then but am i right in thinking they are a type of lilac?,could any one give me some info about them ,how big will they grow, and how quickly and what does it look like in bloom ,i've put 2 in the ground and 2 in pots, they have started to grow already



Don't know the specific form but yes they are Lilac and unless Syringa meyeri forms, then potentially they are very large shrubs.

3 Jul, 2010


sorry owdboggy what does this mean? unless Syringa meyeri forms,no idea about flower ?thank you for your help

3 Jul, 2010


Sorry, Syringa meyeri is a smaller kind of Lilac which grows to about 2 metres tall and across, quite slowly. There are a couple of forms of it which I know off, Palabini and Miss Kim. there may be others.
From what I can see this is a normal sized Lilac, but I cannot find any information on its colour, eventual height etc. It is only mentioned on one Dutch site with no information on it.

3 Jul, 2010


thank you so much for all your help,i've looked up the types you mention,and am pleased with the size and colour.So hopefully a good buy.

3 Jul, 2010


I think you may have misunderstood me. Your Syringa Miss Elly is probably NOT one of the small types, as far as I can find out. They will grow into large shrubs.

3 Jul, 2010


sorry owdboggy thank you for your help, i dont mind if they get big ,cant believe how much theve grown i;m well pleased

17 Jul, 2010

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