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By Royboy1

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i am istalling a new garden pond, 9.3 length 4.4 width and 2 ft deep .(155 gals) can anyone reccomend a good pump with foutain and waterfall ?



Hi Royby 1. We have got 2 ponds and we have found that BERMUDA pond pumps are very good. We have a large pond and use a Bermuda 5000 pump. This is running 2 Filter boxes , 1 kimono dragon water fountain , aswell as the fountain from the pump .We must have had this approx 3/4 years (my memory isnt what it used to be) and we have just been and bought another one of these incase our one gives up, as it has been going well up to now but everthing gives up in the end!!! Your pond will be a lot smaller than ours so you wont need such a powerful one, you will probably only need a 2000 or perhaps a 3000. Are you having any fish in it? Hope this is of some help and good digging !!!!!! I dont envy you doing all that digging in this hot weather, but we musnt grumble must we?

3 Jul, 2010

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