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hi whats causing white tip in the middle of my exhibition show leeks and whats the solution



Hi, welcome to GoY, agree with Snoopdog, white tip is causedby too much moisture, and is caused by a fungus like organism found in the soil, particularly if the soil isn't well drained, and we have a wet autumn and winter, it's called phytophthora porri, and once you spot it, unfortunately, there's no treatment for it, you should lift and burn affected plants, and not grow leeks in the same place for about 5 years, try to grow crops in rotation over a 5 year cycle, leaving 1 bed empty each year, and do all you can to improve the drainage, Derek.

8 Dec, 2014


Hi Steve, yes it is pretty serious, there being no treatment for it, Belgian scientists are trying to find 1, but no progress as yet, 5 years is how long it takes for the soil to be cleared of it, but a lot would depend on the weather, a dry autumn and winter, and it probably wouldn't be such a problem, but you can't predict what the weather is going to do, so better not to grow leeks in the same place, Derek.

10 Dec, 2014


Hi Steve, sorry to hear that, it's a real sickener when something like that happens, I would get in touch with the people you bought them from, I haven't looked at the seed act for years, but I seem to remember that you should be able to expect a 20%germination rate, providing you've done everything right, Derek.

11 Dec, 2014


:-):-):-), yes, there's always next year, Derek.

13 Dec, 2014

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