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Hi new here and need help please.
I dont no what to do with my Aechmea Blue Rain...i think ive killed it as the flowers are all turning brown...any tips on what to do???




hi ronnie welcome i dont think you have killed it the greenery looks ok to me how long did it flower for.wait and see what others say before you do anything.good luck.

10 Dec, 2014


the flowers are dying maybe because the seeds have developed meaning you can grow more :)

11 Dec, 2014


It is a bromeliad, which flower once; produce pups; then eventually die. Keep caring for it, and soon there will be new growth on the base. They tend to do better when the pups are slightly crowded. It will also take a few years for them to flower, but it is worth the wait.

11 Dec, 2014


Thanks all. Kennyboy i bought it from Tesco on 14/08/14 and it was already flowerd...not much instructions either but im confused as ive read afew things about cutting the stem off, putting the whole plant in a bag with a sliced hate for it to die on me. The pic ive included is on the day i bought it.

11 Dec, 2014


I leave my broms alone until the pups have appeared, and then you can cut the old one down. In the meantime, a weak liquid fertilizer in the center until a little runs down the sides will give it strength. Strong indirect light is needed.

12 Dec, 2014

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