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I need to plant an attractive mediun size tree about 15ft from the front window to sheild me from passing traffic and people any suggestions



You could try one of the smaller sorbus. For example Sorbus 'cardinal Royal'

You need something that wont have too large a root ball

4 Jul, 2010


You'd be better off with a large shrub than a tree - most of the shielding from a tree will be 10 feet above ground, not at window level, and the root spread could be a problem that close to a house. Pittosporum 'Garnetii', Cotoneaster 'Cornubia' or 'Lacteus', Mahonia 'Charity', Prunus lusitanica 'variegata', Elaeagnus pungens 'maculata', Photinia fraserii are all evergreen and will all reach at least 10 feet or more.

4 Jul, 2010


27408. I strongly recommend Nandina. It's a shrub, so will give you privacy better than a tree, and grows to 6 ft with a 2 ft spread, is evergreen, and looks pretty all year round as the leaves change colour (to autumnal colours) whenever they feel like it. It also has red berries.

4 Jul, 2010

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