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Nomocharis. I've been reading 'The Book of The Scottish Garden' and found photos of Nomocharis, which the book says will grow and flower well in Scottish conditions (damp, cool, shady ). So, as they are stunning g plants, I went to hunt for them online. I've found a supplier

They are very expensive, so does anyone grow them, and any tips please? Thanks, Karen




Try visiting Susan Band's website, Karen.
You can easily contact her.

15 Dec, 2014


We have growing in our garden, can't remember where we bought but probably from one of the plants stands at an SRGC show, otherwise as Bulba says get in touch with Susan.

15 Dec, 2014


Thank you! :)

15 Dec, 2014


Also available from
You could buy 3-4 packs pf seeds for the price of one bulb. May take longer to flower but it looks like something worth waiting for

15 Dec, 2014


Seeds will take 3 - 5 years to flower - more likely five.

15 Dec, 2014


Talk to Scotsgran Karen. She has been doing them from seed and convinced me to give them a go.
I had a few germinate and now just need to wait til they are large enough to flower.
I am trying to remember if she did a blog, something is telling me she did. Don't take my word for it though :)
And I'm sure is was Susan (SEE bulba and MGs Comments) that we were speaking to about them at the SRGC show at the beginning of the year.

15 Dec, 2014


Thank you! I shall go for bulbs as I have absolutely no patience! you all know! ;)

16 Dec, 2014

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