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I have a cordyline australis which has flowered this year & is now losing all its leaves HOWEVER at the bottom of the tree has appeared about 25 healthy looking shoots. My husband today has sawn off the top (12ft high) so that it is now about 2feet with all these shoots. Please tell me that the cordyline isnt going to die now??? & do we take off most of the shoots & leave 3 to grow pls. thank you



You can leave all the shoots at the bottom to grow on, or you can attempt to remove some with a bit of root and pot up separately - if you want to do that, leave them a bit longer, remove some of the soil at the base so you can see if there are any roots on the green shoots, then take a sharp knife and cut downwards, keeping roots on the plantlets. If you simply don't want so many new plants, just break off and remove the extra ones and bin them.

4 Jul, 2010

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