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I am enjoying the winter months doing a water colour copy of a Dutch windmill. I like to put a dog on my pictures
(just for fun) - does anyone know what is a popular dog
in the The Netherlands ? On the website of Dutch dogs they all look like English dogs with Dutch names to me !



There is the dutch sheepdog which also is called the Schappendoes. It originates from the Netherlands and looks like an attractive addition to a painting. On a sad note I found in my search for you that the Netherlands ranks fourth worldwide in animal cruelty in the widespread abuse and maim of dogs and cats as well as other animals.

18 Dec, 2014


Hi Diane ..
Dutch Barge Dog ...
Keeshond (plural is Keeshonden)

here's a link ..

I hope this helps.

The Schapendoes, mentioned above by Strife, is a shaggy sheepdog, whereas the Keeshond has a look which from a distance is like a large Pomeranian.

... so, whichever shape would suit your painting best ...

Good luck.. I would love to see a photo of your painting. I put a photo of an old windmill on GoY recently... sadly with no sails ..

Have you ever painted a Welsh scene ... with a Welsh Terrier included ?

18 Dec, 2014


Thats a suprise Strife, on the surface they come over as a peaceable nation,

18 Dec, 2014


Thank you Terra, this was the information I was looking for. Will look again at the Dutch Dogs website.

19 Dec, 2014


This website is a non-starter, like so many others.

I typed in Keeshond and the photos I needed came up.
They are definitely different ! Will do a pencil sketch from the photo. Thank you again Terra.

Sad to read the Loosetrife1 comment
Our Border Collie puppies are £750 now. Seems to me
if anyone wanted a dog it would be worth going over to the Netherlands to find a Rescue Centre there.

19 Dec, 2014


Hi Diane ..
I'm glad my information was helpful.

If you search online for The Kennel Club (that's the one in England)

...they provide a list with descriptions and photos of several hundred breeds, including the Keeshond.


The UK has Border Collie rescue organisations.
Here's one ...

... or type in Wiccaweys Rescued Border Collies and you'll reach it .. ( this organisation is based in Northamptonshire).

Also, in charity shops, you can find dog breed books with photos of many canine breeds.

I hope this further information is helpful and that your painting is coming along well.

best wishes, Terra.

19 Dec, 2014


Thank you Sue. I love these dogs. Sad I am too old to have one. Would not have found them but for your kindness in helping.

Water colour painting is Fine Art. Very slow.

19 Dec, 2014


I wish my eyes were strong enough to be able to see the fine detail needed for water colour painting ...

Yes .. Border Collies are full of energy and need stimulation for their bodies and their minds !


19 Dec, 2014


Have passed on the Rescue Centre address to my family.
Its a good idea to do this for all breeds.
People love their pets, are so upset when their lifespan is at an end.
If they find another one before they have to go on the one way trip to the vets, it helps. Life goes on and they are helping another helpless animal live.

20 Dec, 2014


My Emma , there is a picture of her on my Christmas blog, is a rescue from a death mill in Texas. The dogs in this mill were kept in stacked cages used for breeding then put to death after a few years of life. When I rescued her she was about to be put to death the black tag indicating that she was to be killed was still on her. She was skin and bones, suffering from mange and from collitis brought on by stress and the poor food they gave her and at the age of two the pads on her paws were still pink which indicates she was never let out of her cage and walked. All she ever stood on was the hard wire mesh floor of her small cage never knowing the softness of a blanket or pillow. The cages were hosed down to clean them with the dogs still in them. She suffered from the heat of summer and the cold of winter. Yet, after going through all that and more she is the sweetest angel that I have ever known.When I got her she had to be shown how to walk, how to play and she was introduced to a world she had never known. How she coped with all that misery and maintained a gentle and loving demeanor puts me in awe and great respect for her. How many other suffering kind and gentle angles like her are being put to death never having had the chance to give their gift of love and happiness to you. Please consider rescuing a dog, cat or any other animal in these circumstances. It will take patience on your part to bring them back into a normal life no question about that but it is totally worth it.

20 Dec, 2014


Thats an awful story Loosestrife, they call them puppy farms here.

So rewarding for you to rescue her, some poor dogs are too far gone to rehome.....

20 Dec, 2014

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