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I have a healthy group of crocosmia, tall leaves but no flowers again this year. It's in a sunny position, free draining soil but plenty of humous in the soil. Any ideas how I can encourage these corms to flower?



How long have they been there? If the answer is several years, they have probably got very congested. Lift the whole clump in winter or early spring and replant just a few corms, feed well and stand back

29 Jul, 2008


When you dig and replant them remember to plant the corms about 4 inches, for small corms and 6 inches for larger corms, below soil level working in a bit of bone meal before planting, and then fertilize again when the foliage is up and going with fish, blood and bone. Divide these as soon as the foliage dies down or early spring as they grow during the winter...

20 Aug, 2008

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