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i have bought two venus fly traps for my son, can i leave them outside and will they eat greenfly? love tobysmum



Hi Tobysmum,

You can certainly leave them outside through much of the year, and that will generally be the best place for them, providing much better light levels than they would ever receive indoors.

They are marginally frost hardy and should be allowed to enter a period of winter dormancy when you'll need to give them a little more protection.

There's a good site with masses of info, including on soil, watering and dormancy at:

They won't eat greenfly unless one happens to land on them though :-)

4 Jul, 2010


thank you ilex

5 Jul, 2010


they will also get there natural food better outside ie insects .

5 Jul, 2010


thanks nosey potter. i have been out of action hence the delay in thanks tobysmum

30 Jun, 2011


your more than welcome .

1 Jul, 2011

How do I say thanks?

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