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Thank you all for taking the trouble to answer my questions. I have followed advice; time has passed and so far my anxiety about a cold winter has proved wrong. The euphorbia Fireglow and the delphiniums Black Knight have died back. (I assume that's normal?), and a friend has told me to cut the stems down to four inches. I'm asking for your second opinion on that, please.
Please also tell me how to find your answers - I'm still floundering in the website. Thanks.



Very easy. Just click on "your options." Then at the dropdown click on "your news." At tithe top you will see a block titled " You have received:" if you have received any answers or comments it will show you how many and when. If it shows that you have received a comment click on the word comment and it will take you to the comments and or answers. If you have received a private comment click on that to see it. In the box below titled " things you have commented on" it will show you the comments of other GOY members that were made after yours. Just click on the displayed subjects title to see those. Now for practice I will send you a private comment

20 Dec, 2014


Oh, I see that you have asked repetitive questions. There is no need to do that. GOY members are brilliant and it's wonderful that they take the time they do to impart their extensive knowledge to you. Trust in what they tell you.

20 Dec, 2014


If you want to find answers to your old questions go to your profile page. Along the top theres a series of options and one of them is your questions. If you slick on that tab you'll get a list of all your old ones which you can then click on and read again with the replies youreceived.

The best way to find your way around the site is to sit and play with it for a while on a day you don't want to do anything specific with it.

20 Dec, 2014


Yes, cut them both down to ground level, or an inch or so. Remember to put out slug pellets in late winter/early spring around the delphiniums, otherwise, slugs and snails will eat them as soon as they start growing.

21 Dec, 2014

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