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By Motinot

down, Ireland Ie

My Camellia flowered for the first time this year and was very healthy....After flowering i repotted it in a bigger pot in E. compost...Now the leaves have turned brown and the plant is dying....What have i done wrong?.....:<(

On plant Camellia




Looks to dry to me? Water well and keep the soil moist with rain water if you got some? If it is indoors needs misting? Wait till someone else confirms this before watering but thats my thoughts?

5 Jul, 2010


I've been watering it everyday Drc and feeling the soil regularly.....Im very upset that this has happened....thankyou....

5 Jul, 2010


Motinot, how soon after repotting did this happen? And I know you used ericaceous compost, but how long had you had the compost?

5 Jul, 2010


I bought new compost the same day as i bought the new pot,.....It looked fine for about a month and then started this....The only thing i did differently was move the pot to a new morning sun...My husband was doing some work and moved it out of his way into sunshine....but i put the pot back after a week or so

5 Jul, 2010


Morning sun is only an issue in the winter, when the buds are present when there's frost, but if your plant was out in the very, very hot sun we've had in the last month, that might well cause plant collapse - these are temperate climate plants which prefer dappled shade and a bit of shelter, so extremes like 31 deg and baking hot sun will have done it no good at all, particularly if the rootball dried out - don't forget, when you put it in the new pot, it wouldn't have had time to put out new water seeking roots before it was forced to endure baking sun, so although you may have thought you'd watered it well, it might just have been the new compost that was nice and wet, but the original rootball wasn't. Keep it watered and see what happens, it might recover.

5 Jul, 2010


Perhaps thats what happened Bamboo.....Thank you..I'll take your advice....:>)

5 Jul, 2010

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