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I am hoping, that someone can name this shrub for
me? I have had it for some time now, the problem, is, if
you do not know the name of your shrubs or plants you do not know how to care for them..




Its a Viburnum, and I'm still trying to decide whether its V. sargentii or V. opulus! Leaves don't quite look right for the latter... google them yourself and see.

5 Jul, 2010


This is a bit confusing? Thanks for letting me know that it is a Viburnum looks like either a `burkwoodi or `bodnantense i have just looked it up on GOY Directory under `V they all seem similar, cannot see the leaves clearly though..

5 Jul, 2010


`I think you are right Bamboo, it does look a lot like `Opulus..

5 Jul, 2010


They don't all have berries, and those that do often have black berries, so there are only one or two varieties and their various cultivars to choose from with those red berries.

5 Jul, 2010


The leaves don't look like V. opulus. Mine look like this -

5 Jul, 2010


What were the flowers like, Freesiaperson?

7 Jul, 2010


The flowers are white, little clusters of them Bamboo..if that is any help
to you..

11 Jul, 2010


Right, got it then - its Viburnum plicatum, probably 'Lanarth' - that's certainly what the leaves look like, but I wasn't sure what colour berries it produced, as it doesn't always reliably produce them, but they are, indeed, red I've managed to discover.

11 Jul, 2010

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