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By Hales

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Have just purchased some Japanese blood grass online and they have arrived looking like this. Are they dead?




Hi Hales and welcome to GoY this grass is deciduous so not surprised at it looking dead right now. You'll need to get planted somewhere in fill sun if possible.

23 Dec, 2014


And in moist soil

23 Dec, 2014


Depending on where abouts in the UK you are - this grass is not fully hardy. I've tried and failed with it a few times in a normal winter here in Edinburgh.

24 Dec, 2014


Meanwhile, here in Berkshire, I've had it for nearly 20 years

24 Dec, 2014


What a difference a few hundred miles makes Andrew :)

24 Dec, 2014


I failed in Pembrokeshire, but may have been through ignorance as it wasn't planted in a moist sunny spot.

24 Dec, 2014


Your grass will be fine, Hales . . . ours looks exactly like this in winter. Best to plant it in gravel or similar (ours is in a whitish stony bed), as it completely disappears from sight, and in a border can easily be forgotten or overlooked. Cut the brown growth back completely in early Spring as soon as you see the new green shoots.

28 Dec, 2014

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