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yellowing leaves on my buzy lizzy



They like damp and shady conditions? Could this be the problem?

5 Jul, 2010


Hi Drc726, i have also experienced this problem and found a good feed done the trick. Iv also found they enjoy the sun and kept a bit on the dry side. Good luck. Sanke

5 Jul, 2010


Impatiens are known for their shade tolerance but they do need good light levels to bloom well - ideal light conditions are early morning sun and then afternoon shade.

5 Jul, 2010


thanks for replies, but hey are in full sun light

6 Jul, 2010


If you move them out of full sunlight and damp but not water logged they will benefit.

6 Jul, 2010


ill try that

6 Jul, 2010


with a lot of bedding I find they come good ,as long as pests are not allowed to charge,this spring some small plug bizzie lizzies i had looked great when plahted,after frosts of course.They started to look poor ,Icarried on as I usually do daily watering,semi shade, weaker feed but weekly ,they now look great. and in .flower .i find dont always go by the book if they look unhappy you could always move them about If poss.In really hot weather i water twice morn and late evening.Always dead head regular i find improves them,i persevered with afew that seemed to have a leaf virus,ikept them seperate took off the off.the affected leaves even they are ok now. and in full bloom

7 Jul, 2010


I agree with you Chega about not always going by the book, a lot of gardening is by instinct and your own experience of what works for you.

8 Jul, 2010


thanks for your help, but its very disheartning when you see your plants looking like they do at the end of the season knowing you only planted them a month ago dee

8 Jul, 2010


yeh know how it feels when something lets you down,non gardeners dont sort of understand the months preparation beforehand.Maybe you try(you poss. have)trial an error with other late varieties a few potted Dahlias or simlar to give alate splash of colour sounds a bit daft i know but i make anote of what done what ,where for next spring

8 Jul, 2010

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