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By Alextb

London, England Eng

I have left some seed pods on some of my lupins, but they have been large and green for at least 2 weeks, shouldn't they have ripned and gone brown yet?

They get plenty of sunlight.

Thanks in advance



Hi, has taken ages for mine to go brown. Had a look today and the bottom half had gone brown......picked them off and sprinkled them. The rest show no signs of drying out, so I have cut them and put them in the summer house to hopefully harden off and dry out. Did open a green one and like yours, mine are the right size but not yet ripe. Leave them as long as you can....they will eventually ripen, just keep a very close eye on them, because once they dry out they tend to drop the seeds very easily. Did google this AFTER i cut my green pods off ...and not supposed to do that. Have done it before however with my hollyhocks, and the seeds where if they dry out and ripen in the next few days will let you know.

5 Jul, 2010


O.K, thanks

6 Jul, 2010

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