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As requested! Here is he link to my photos Please help me ID them all! I know that we have a Poppy as it appeared this morning!!!!



Is there a reason that you didn't load them on here Fragrocks? I think we'd all find it easier if you loaded a few at a time so that we can all see easily which ones are being discussed.

no 1 - the bush on the left is Lonicera nitida I think and the one on the left is a Hebe
no2 - a long time since I've grown one but I think it's hollyhock
no 3 a Hebe - my money's on Hebe pinguifolia ‘Pagei'
no 4 - the pink one is Lychnis coronaria with aquilegia to the left
no 5 is a poppy
no 6 might be a white or pale yellow californian poppy, Escholtzia
no 7 Aquilegia with weed
8 a sedum spurium or possibly kamtschaticum ?
I think no 9 might be an azalea that's finished flowering or maybe a starving chaenomeles?
10 could be welsh poppy seed heads
13 is a pansy
14 is some seedlings and a wild strawberry
15 is out of focus but might be a potato

The sideways plants are harder to recognise, would be easier if you rotated them before loading, thanks.

5 Jul, 2010


Thank you for the response, my toddler was needing my attention and I wanted to get them uploaded before I forgot! I have posted them elsewhere too so this was the quickest way. I have now uploaded them to my profile.

Thank you for naming them I am now off to look them all up! The Poppy will be staying and I hope to plant more, it was alovely surprise to come out this morning to its beautiful flower xx

5 Jul, 2010


9 is indeed an Azalea
10 is Meconopsis cambrica
11 is Crocosmia

6 Jul, 2010

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