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By Sheilar

Sunderland Tyne and Wear, United Kingdom Gb

What is this? I got a clump from my Mam about fifteen years ago but she didn't know what it was. It's spread quite a bit and I've now got two big clumps of it. I think it stays green all year round.




Dicentra formosa

6 Jul, 2010


Thanks Beattie - I thought it could be one of the 'bleeding heart' family as the flowers look the same. This one is absolutely huge - not tall but wide. Would it grow OK in a pot do you know or are they happier in the garden?

6 Jul, 2010


Everything seems happier in the ground! Yours is growing really well - especially if it's keeping its leaves in winter. Mine have always died back in autumn. You could always try some in a pot & see how it does.

6 Jul, 2010


I'd be surprised if it kept its leaves all winter, it is fully herbaceous

6 Jul, 2010

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