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To all that replied to my question about sourcing tree lilies frmnew zealand I got a reply about so called tree Lillie's from nzbulbs explaining the word tree lilies and the myth behind them.they also sent me a link to an article written in 2008 claiming there was no such thing as a tree lily just that a Canadian company reg the name and started selling lily bulbs claiming these were somewhat different the article then went on to say that the pics you see of lilies 8ft high are posted by expert lily nurseries that sometimes can get very tall lilies if grown in zone 3 and are pampered correctly and it also said that all lilies branch out naturally when they become tall...if anyone out there has grown tree Lillie's to the size and vigor of the photos I see when advertised please reply



Personally I'd forget it... there are always sports that grow taller, wider, have larger flowers, whatever given that T & M is advertising them I'd given them a wide berth!

30 Dec, 2014


Hmm, well I'm intrigued by the mention of Zone 3 - that's a cold zone, and for sure, so called 'tree' lilies will do better in much warmer regions than zone 3.

There simply is no such thing as a lily tree - certain hybrids (Orienpet) are larger and taller than other smaller varieties, and in their first year, grown in the average garden in good climactic conditions, they may reach 4 or 5 feet if you're lucky, but will probably never achieve such a size again.

I'd also add there is no such thing as a 'tree' fuchsia either... plant sellers get more and more like estate agents with their descriptions!

30 Dec, 2014


a near neighbour bought them from T&M and they certainly grew over 6ft in his first year. the next year they were nearer 5ft but he does feed them well. They are a definite hybrid as Bamboo says.

30 Dec, 2014


My sister grew 3 in a poor patch of soil, sheltered but not fed, and they grew for 2 years running to over six feet tall with blooms like dinner plates. Since she passed away I have put the bulbs in my garden and will take photos in the summer. I remember she bought them as tree lilies and I have never seen such huge plants.

31 Dec, 2014


I purchased some tree lily bulbs about 3/4 years ago every year they grow to just over 6foot. Will upload some pics.

31 Dec, 2014


Thanks and sorry to throw in the zone 3 got that wrong ......well I put in 5 last year they grew to 1 metre but these were not advertised as tree lilies just large height lilies I bought from wisley. Seems there's all sorts of skullduggery in the plant world.and there's me thinking it was such an inoccent past time

1 Jan, 2015

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