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Abies Koreana:

One of my friends is thinking about one for an ornamental pot for her patio.

is it a suitable conifer for this. Also where would you recommend I buy one from. It would make a nice birthday present for her.



It wants to grow to 12 metres but it can take 50 years.

So putting it in a pot would be OK for a few years but not for ever.

3 Jan, 2015


It does get quite big eventually, up to nearly 60 feet. There are dwarf forms of it though. Seen a fair number on the show bench over the years.
No idea where to buy them from though as you need to make sure they are true dwarf ones not just juvenile forms.
Pottertons maybe? or Fir Croft in Calver?

3 Jan, 2015


When bluespruce was a regular contributor on this site, he directed me towards Lime Tree Nursery in Sussex. I visited them and found them very helpful, and bought several conifers there for my foliage garden. They also do mail order. Their website is

3 Jan, 2015


Agree with the above comments,Sbg..but beware and get the dwarf variety..Lovely ,as the usual one is,it will need to have the space to grow to it's full potential..Ours got huge in about 10 years,and was far too near the even hid a tall Telegraph pole ! A beautiful tree,none the less ...

4 Jan, 2015


Bluebell Nursery has the 'standard' version which they describe as "a small specimen tree". They do add that it can get up to 10m high and 5m spread - so not sure what they would classify as a large specimen tree. Giant redwood perhaps?

4 Jan, 2015


Thanks for the info. I knew its potential height and I wasn't aware there was a dwarf form.
thanks for the links too.

4 Jan, 2015


Abies koreana Silberlocke is a smaller and the one I chose, although it is in the ground and not in a pot.
I came across a site once that specialised in dwarf conifers but can't for the life of me remember the name. Might be worth checking out specialist suppliers and see if they have any reviews.

4 Jan, 2015

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