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Can you cook and eat the leaves of Purple sprouting broccoli? and if so how??



Yes but they are a bit tough

7 Jul, 2010


they are not tough if you pick the leaves early enough

7 Jul, 2010


That's true Hijuju but if you do that the plant has a problem... Personally I don't pick the leaves off purple sprouting broccoli as I feel the plant needs them to keep it fed.

7 Jul, 2010


My parents always grew this and not only did they pick the sprouting pice but they always used the leaves as well but my mum always cut the stem a 1/4 way up the middle of the leaf, just in case it was woody.
Im 48 now and i aint dead yet

7 Jul, 2010


Did I say eating the leaves would kill you?

8 Jul, 2010


thanks for the answers, not sure if I'll be brave enough to try it but it will not be till winter as I do not want to pick off the leaves yet as I'm sure the cabbage white will be around (again).

14 Jul, 2010

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