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Plant Id for these plants please?

29062010103 29062010097 22062010040



Middle one is weigela florida variegata, bottom one (if you mean the one on the right at the bottom) is a Hebe

7 Jul, 2010


Top one is the leaves of the Forsythia shrub, it will bloom in the spring

7 Jul, 2010


Not convinced, Hijuju, I think its more likely Cornus alba - it has red stems, and Forsythia does not. I'm also not sure about the middle one, which could conceivably be Cornus sibirica variegata too, but I'm inclined to stick with the Weigela

7 Jul, 2010


I'd stick with Weigela, the leaf veination is right.

I also think Forsythia, there are some where the stems before becoming woody have a reddish flush. Again, leaf veination and shape says Forsythia to me rather than Cornus.

Defo Hebe bottom right. Several look this colour. Close up would help.

7 Jul, 2010


The reason why i said forsythia is that my brothers forsythia is just like that one and so is mine.
The middle one is a varigated weigela.
Ive checked all 3 in my RHS good plant guide

7 Jul, 2010

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