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By Johnp58

Hertfordshire, United Kingdom Gb

I put in a clematis 'alpina' last year in a fairly shaded area and training to grow up and into a hazel tree. My question is for anyone who has grown this particular clematis and whether you left it fully unpruned or did you prune back...however slightly. Any other cultivation tips?



It can be a pretty rampant scambler, John, but only reall needs pruning if it is getting out of hand. Whether or not you need to prune yours will depend on how large the hazel is! We can be very brutal with ours, just dont't cut it right down to the hard, woody main stem. The books will say to prune after flowering but that will take off the very attractive fluffy seedheads. Ours get 'the chop' whenever we feel the need.

7 Jan, 2015


Thank you Bulbaholic.......I will do as you say. Monty Don was planting one on Gardeners' World and he said it was a good clematis for a shady, windier site. That is why I bought it. I love it's delicate blue flowers and, as you say, it's seed heads. John

7 Jan, 2015


I think Bulba is confusing alpina and montana which is a true thug. Alpina can get a bit rampant but is very easily controlled with a little judicious pruning.

7 Jan, 2015


And no, Bulba is not confusing alpina with montana and sticks by his original statement :-)))

8 Jan, 2015


Agree, alpinas can get quite big and look very untidy out of season. I prune ours in the same way as the viticellas, when they need it. That way you get flowers, but much later in the season.

8 Jan, 2015

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