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Elderberry tree

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For the second year in a row my tree is beginning to lose its leafs. Last year it was completely bare by end of Aug. Ther appears to be black larvae along lots of the branches. I have been spraying with detergent and water but lots s of them are still there. Could this be why it is losing leafs



They do prefer a moist soil. It may just have dried out too much. Blackfly are the most likely pest on them but will not do any harm. Predators will move in soon enough and get rid of them. You can always move any spiders or ladybirds you fiind in your garden on to the plant to hurry this up.

30 Jul, 2008


Scratch in a handful of Growmore about a square yard round the tree and water it heavily . A jet of water from the hose is best way to remove the Blackfly. Don't know of any other pest, Elderberry is supposed to keep its neighbours free from them .. They do die eventually , it is not a really long lived tree, but plenty of young bushes ,should be about to replace it should the worst happen.

30 Jul, 2008

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