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Solanum pyracanthum(Porcupine Tomato)

West Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

Will this grow outside in the UK if it is housed in a greenhouse over the winter this was a free seed gift from the USA and I do not know anything about it except it looks awesome

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Depends which one you mean, Steve - quite a lot are tender climbers, others hardy perennials

8 Jul, 2010


Sorry bamboo I have now altered the question

8 Jul, 2010


Not frost tolerant, its a Zone 9 plant, and we're Zone 8, so definitely would need greenhouse over winter, and possibly a heated one at that.

8 Jul, 2010


Did a bit more checking - one American site recommends cutting it back at the end of the summer and bringing indoors to a sunny spot in the house to overwinter. Prickly devil, isn't it

8 Jul, 2010

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