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I have just bought two dwarf Korean Lilac (Syringa palibin) and would like to grow them in pots . . . are they likely to thrive?



As long as the pots are large enough. Use John Innes No3 compost in them as it won't decompose as peat-based composts do. A mature Korean lilac in the ground can be 5ft tall so use this as a guide to the size of pot. Make sure you pot it up 'in situ' as JI compost is heavy!

10 Jan, 2015


Thanks very much Volunteer! I do have one quite large pot (18" tall, 12" wide), but maybe I will try to find a sunny spot in a border for one of the shrubs.

I've always had good results with Gro-Sure potting compost, so will see if I can compare its make-up with John Innes No3 which I've never used.

10 Jan, 2015


Saw a GC with 50% off pots I think its wyevale.....

10 Jan, 2015


Thanks Pam, I'll check it out.

11 Jan, 2015

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