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I have been asked to prepare a large area of existing lawn and turn it into a wild flower meadow-do I need to dig the turf up and sow or can it be sown straight onto the existing grass?
Thanks for all your help-removing the grass I think is the best bet!



You'll need poor soil for a wild flower meadow so it depends to some extent whether the lawn has been fertilised and cared for or if its impoverished. If the latter and you decide to leave it you may have higher success if you sow in boxes and transplant plugs.

12 Jan, 2015


start raking and up turning the grass to show soil,then scatter seed around.

12 Jan, 2015


For christ sake don't "upturn" the grass as mentioned above. Wildflower areas need poor, shallow soils, tthe rotting grass will just provide more unwanted nutrients

12 Jan, 2015


-.- meadow plants need some nutrients! they are living things too.

12 Jan, 2015


I think we do all know that actually. Wild flowers do best on impoverished soil though. Without wanting to start a discussion it is not helpful to just take an uninformed guess at an answer.

12 Jan, 2015


Well for your information I have seen this tecniuque work before so it wasn't a "guess" as you call it plus wheni said up turn I ment dig into the ground (soil) thats beneth the grass and flip it over,its not hard,if you do it in the winter or any other rainy season,because summer just drys the ground and its then almost imposible to dig.

12 Jan, 2015


Steragram is right. It works best to strip off the grass and remove completely before seeding with a wild flower mixture; plug plants in short, weak grass also works.

12 Jan, 2015


Meadow plants need minimal nutrients, they get all the nutrients hey need from photosynthesizing. Infact when we plant our meadows, we initially often plant hungry plants to try to strip the ground of any excess nutrients.

You can "flip over" turf for most plants....not for wild flowers though.

12 Jan, 2015


As a child I loved wild flowers. They grew on the edge of cornfields, in the poor soil under the hedges.

I would dig up the turf and stack it to rot down for loam.
Then use the open land. Easier to weed.

13 Jan, 2015

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