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By Shaz

West Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

I have various sorts of clematis growing in pots but they are very straggley with the only growth and flowers at the top.The idea of them was to grow over arches that cover the steps down to my door but it's not looking as good as I hoped. I planted them 2 years ago. Can anyone please tell me what to do , I'm not sure whether I should be pruning or something else . PLEASE HELP !



MIne are doing OK in the ground. Not sure whether they like being in pots. I have also found that They are much more vigorous by their third flowering season.

31 Jul, 2008


You need to know which pruning group each Clematis belongs to. Then you will be able to cut them back and get them stronger, also flowering closer to the bottom of the plant rather than up at the top.. Unfortunately, it's the habit of many of them to do this anyway, leaving bare stems. The answer to that is to plant something else in your pots to cover the bare bits. Do you know the pruning groups, or the names of your Clematis? If you need help with that aspect, please feel free to send me a private message with their names and I'll try to help.

31 Jul, 2008


Clematis of all types are also very greedy feeders. In pots they really do need a lot of liquid fertiliser (Maxicrop is good). Also, they do dislike having their rooots get hot, so the pots may need to be shaded from bright sunshine. You can do this by putting more smaller pot plants around the one containing the clematis.

31 Jul, 2008


Check out my blogs - I wrote a couple on pruning that you may find helpful

31 Jul, 2008


I have the same problem, am going to remove them from the pots and re plant in the garden with my roses that are climbing through obilisks. Roses and clematis are very good planting buddies

1 Aug, 2008


i have a couple of clematis growing over an arch but the arch needs replacing. can i cut the clematis down and if i do will the clematis grow back.

31 May, 2009

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